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The processing of highly reactive materials requires a high level of accuracy, reliability and precision. Material manufacturers are also adapting to the increasing digitisation and automation of production processes. Sealing foams, adhesives and casting compounds need to be processed more and more quickly today. The overall cycle times for handling, metering and application are continuously optimised. This places special demands on the metering and mixing technology. They need to offer solutions that are future-proof, efficient and flexible. New production concepts therefore need to be implemented and appropriate systems technology used.

With dynamicLine, DOPAG is offering a new, intelligent system for sealing foams as well as for adhesive and casting applications. The system is based on the new dynamic mixing head. It can be adapted with various robotic systems. Thanks to its flexibility, dynamicLine can be used in a wide range of applications, particularly for the application of foam seals.

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PU gaskets for the control cabinet industry, automotive industry, household appliances industry and the filter, lighting and packaging industry.

Dynamic Mixing System for Gasketing/FIPFG

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  1. Gasketing and bonding of control cabinets

    With the dynamicLine, DOPAG offers a system for both applications and thus enables an efficient, automated series production.

  2. Serial production of PU foam gaskets in the automotive industry

    With the dynamicLine, DOPAG offers an efficient solution for series production of PU foam gaskets in all industries.

  3. Series production of PU foam gaskets

    With the dynamicLine, DOPAG offers an efficient solution for series production of PU foam gaskets in all industries.

  4. Efficient handling of components during dispensing sealing foam

    For the automated application of PU gaskets to control cabinet doors, DOPAG provides a dynamic mixing system in combination with a linear robot and shuttle sliding tables.

  5. Profitable production of components for control cabinets and enclosures
    With the dynamicLine from DOPAG, customers will be able to implement gasketing and bonding applications with just one system.
  6. Automated application of PU gaskets on components

    Compared to manually inserted seals, automatically applied PU gaskets offer many advantages.

  7. Perfect FIPFG applications

    The control cabinet manufacturer Fandis applies foam gaskets on various components. DOPAG has designed a FIPFG system for this application.

  8. Automated production of foam gaskets

    With dynamicLine, the metering technology manufacturer DOPAG presents a new dynamic mixing system for a wide range of applications.

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For perfectionists

Formed-in-place foam gasket (FIPFG)

In the case of a formed-in-place foam gasket (FIPFG), a highly reactive material is applied to a component automatically. The material, a polyurethane or a silicone, is metered and mixed using a dynamic mixing system and then applied along a contour. Following a reaction time defined by the material formulation, the material foams up and adheres to the component. Benefit of dynamicLine: the dynamic mixing system specially processes materials that are highly reactive in terms of the reaction process and mixing ratio. The material can be processed properly over a long period of time, thus keeping the service life as long as possible. The longer the service life of the material in the mixing head, the more components that can be produced in succession.

Formed-in-place gasket (FIPG)

Thanks to its flexibility, dynamicLine is also suitable for the formed-in-place gasket (FIPG). Non-foaming, highly reactive adhesive systems that cannot be processed using a static mixing system are metered, mixed and applied here. All applications can be carried out quickly and efficiently with dynamicLine. The compact system design also saves space – a highly efficient solution which offers flexibility and ensures optimal results.

dynamicLine – Your specialist for Formed-In-Place-Foam-Gaskets (FIPFG)

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Would you like to convince yourself of the quality of our PU gaskets? We would be pleased to send you a sample card with an exemplary applied PU gasket. The foam bead was applied with our dynamic mixing head. In combination with a linear or industrial robot it forms the dynamicLine - the efficient and reliable solution from DOPAG for gasketing using the FIPFG process (Formed-In-Place-Foam-Gasket).

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