eldodis: Metering system for 1K adhesives and sealants

Continuous metering ensures high process reliability

DOPAG developed the eldodis gear metering system specially for the processing of medium to high-viscosity single-component materials. The material is input via a feed pump, a material pressure tank or by means of a cartridge-extracting device. A material pressure regulator ensures constant input pressure. A shut-off valve can optionally be mounted in front for additional protection. The gear metering pump, powered by a gear motor, conveys the material to a dispensing valve where continuous material discharge takes place via a nozzle or cannula.

The conveying capacity of the system is largely determined by the size of the gear metering pump and the pump speed. The latter can be adjusted by means of a frequency converter built into the control unit. A volume counter can be installed downstream of the gear metering pump to check the metered quantity and to increase process reliability. All components are connected to a metering control unit. This also enables integration into partially or fully automated production or assembly processes. 

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