compomix FI: composite fibre impregnation

Dispensing system for vacuum infusion, RTM, pultrusion and filament winding

The compomix FI has been specially designed for the impregnation of fibre rovings in vacuum infusion, resin transfer moulding (RTM), pultrusion, and filament winding processes. It ensures the precise metering and mixing of two-component material used for glass, aramid or carbon fibre impregnation (FI). Depending on the application specifics, the compomix FI can be used to either fill a resin bath and keep it at fill level, or to inject material directly into a mould. The material is supplied from two material tanks installed on the system. The tanks are filled directly from the original delivery containers and this is done automatically either via standard refill systems or gravimetry.

Features and benefits

  • Simple and comfortable operation
  • Resin bath filling or pressure-regulated injection via attachment, change of sensor prossible
  • Wide range of applications thanks to variable mixing ratio and discharge rate
  • Easy integration into existing production processes
  • Low pulsation gear pump technology


  • Mobile welded frame
  • 2 x 45 l stainless steel material pressure tanks
  • Material pressure tank equipped with:
    ▪ Agitator (A component)
    ▪ Level control
    ▪ Preparation for automatic refilling
  • Silicagel dehumidifier
  • Gear metering pumps with overpressure protection
  • Three-phase asynchronous motors
  • Control or regulation of mixing ratio and output rate with gear flow meter
  • Manual circulation on A component
  • Static mixing system
    ▪ 2K valve with separate material supply
    ▪ Static mixer tube, plastic
  • Heating on A component
  • Stainless steel wetted parts on B component
  • Metering computer with realtime multitasking operating system (64 metering programmes storage capacity)
  • 7“ colour touch screen terminal
  • Remote control with cable


  • Direct supply without material tanks
  • Material supply via immersion pumps or drum pumps
  • Material pressure tanks equipped with:
    ▪ Agitator (B component)
  • Additional wear protection on gear pumps
  • Dynastat
  • Mixer element fault monitoring
  • Mixer flushing with cleaning agent
  • Heating on B component
  • Profibus/Profinet

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
  1. Output rate

    ca. 100 - 800 ml/min, depending on mixing ratio and viscosity

  2. Mixing ratio

    100 : 15-50, by volume

  3. Injection pressure

    max. 60 bar

  4. Mixing system

    Static / Plastic mixer tube

  5. Material supply

    gravimetric / alternatively with refilling pumps

  6. Viscosity range

    10 - 500 mPas at working temperature

  7. Operating voltage

    EUR: 400V / 3 / 50 hz
    USA: 480V / 3 / 60 hz

  8. Compressed air supply

    6 bar max.