Spray valves

Clean and accurate spray application of grease and oil

The Spray valve is specifically designed for application of grease and oil. The valves can be used with intermitting operation and for continuous spraying. Special for this type of valve is the integration of the spray air valve, which is used to control the air blow after material shot for cleaning of the nozzle. Short air connection in the body of the valve and a flange mounted 5/2 way solenoid valve are supporting highly precise intermitting. Various different aircaps allow adaption of final spray results.

Product Features

  • Various nozzle sizes available
  • Raster regulation for simple control of the material volume
  • Solenoid valve with different voltages (24V/DC, 110V/AC, 220V/AC)
  • Various nozzle shapes and air caps depending on the final application available
  • Optional needle detection

Technical Specifications

Material pressure max. bar 35
Control air min. bar 5-6
Intermitting max. Cycles/Sec 30
Dimensions mm 132 x 81 x 22 (incl. solenoid valve)
Main body material Stainless steel
Nozzle + needle material Stainless steel
Sealings Viton® (other materials upon request)

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