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Dispensing systems for bonding and sealing applications

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Bonding represents a joining technology which is an established standard in many industries such as aerospace and automotive industry or railway vehicle manufacturing. Thanks to the development of new adhesives, it is possible to join together a large variety of materials such as glass, metal or plastics. The weight reduction of many products is one of the major reasons why this method is becoming so popular in various industries.

In the past decades, DOPAG was able to assume a leading position on the market due to constant optimization of its systems. These are not only capable of precise processing but also apply the adhesive to the material in just the right quantity. This saves a lot of otherwise wasted adhesive or sealant and also provides an optimal visual result. All DOPAG systems work according to DIN 2304, which ensures a professional realization of the joining technology “bonding”.

1K Bonding & Sealing Application

Systems for Bonding and Sealing Applications

  1. coatingmix


    A unique system, that incorporates all that is needed for label lamination projects. Integration into existing production line is very easy. 

  2. coredis


    Coredis is used for the processing of especially light low density 1K epoxies filled with micro hollow spheres.

  3. Dynamic mixing head

    Dynamic mixing head
    The dynamic mixing head with its new valve technology has been designed for mixing of low to  high-viscosity polymeric reaction substances for foaming, bonding, sealing, and potting.
  4. economix


    The economix range of systems are compact, solvent free, pneumatically driven piston pump metering and mixing systems.

  5. eldodis


    The eldodis metering system processes single-component, medium to high-viscosity adhesives and sealants with high reliability and quality.

  6. eldomix


    The eldomix 100/600 range of systems are compact, solvent free, gear pump driven metering and mixing systems.

  7. Gear metering pumps

    Gear metering pumps

    For continuous, pulsation-free metering of adhesives, sealants or lubricants, DOPAG offers a reliable solution in the form of the gear metering pump. 

  8. gluemix


    The systems of the gluemix product range are compact and solvent free gear pump driven metering and mixing systems.

  9. ladomix


    The ladomix is a compact, mobile gear pump driven metering and mixing system.

  10. Piston metering system

    Piston metering system

    The piston metering system from DOPAG is used whenever single-component materials such as adhesives or sealants need to be metered with short cycle times. 

  11. Progressive cavity pumps

    Progressive cavity pumps

    The progressive cavity pump from DOPAG offers a reliable solution for metering materials with high filler content. 

  12. Refill units

    Refill units

    For uninterrupted production: refill units from DOPAG ensure automated refilling of material pressure tanks during production.

  13. rotordis


    The progressive cavity pump system rotordis processes abrasive, single-component materials such as adhesives and sealants continuously and reliably. 

  14. variomix


    The variomix range of systems are solvent free, compact, pneumatic or hydraulically driven piston pump metering and mixing systems.

  15. vectodis


    Vectodis is used to handle single component materials. Just a suitable material supply and metering computer is required.

  16. vectomix


    Vectomix is used to handle multi component materials. Due to its compatibility and modularity, two vectodis single component piston metering with equal or different sizes are used.

  17. volumix

    The volumix metering and mixing system is especially designed for bonding and sealing applications in aerospace industry. 

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