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Dispensing valves

Application of low to high viscosity media in a wide range of volumes

Dispensing valves from DOPAG are used in all areas of industry for the application of low to high-viscosity media, such as lubricants, adhesives and sealants. This requires high precision and reproducibility. With numerous designs, series and sizes, the right valve can always be found for each individual application.

Depending on the requirement, the needle dispensing valve or diaphragm dispensing valve can be used for bead or dot application. This is a contact application, where the material bridges the gap between the valve needle and the component. For contactless application, or remote application of the material, DOPAG offers various valves such as the shot and spray valves. 

The dispensing valves are available in various forms. 

DOPAG dispensing valves can process materials with a viscosity of up to 1,000,000 m Pas depending on the version, at a pressure of 150-250 bar depending on the pump type. There are various drum and barrel pumps available for the material feed. In the case of dispensing valves, the volume is regulated via the material pressure and the opening time of the valve needle. Numerous components can be added to the system concept for testing and control, such as a gear flow rate measuring cell, a light barrier or a pressure sensor. All DOPAG valves can be integrated into fully automated production lines.

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Products at glance

  1. Diaphragm dispensing valves

    Diaphragm dispensing valves

    Diaphragm dispensing valves are used for continuous application of 1K media. They can process reactive, abrasive and chemically aggressive material.

  2. Handheld dispensing valves

    Handheld dispensing valves

    Handheld dispensing valves from DOPAG enable a clean manual application of greases and oils.

  3. High-speed valves

    High-speed valves

    High-speed valves are used for contactless lubrication in automated processes. They are excellent at greasing hard-to-reach spaces in a clean and precise manner.

  4. Needle dispensing valves

    Needle dispensing valves

    Needle dispensing valves offer high flexibility and are ideal for continuous applications of low to high viscosity media.

  5. Rotary Applicator

    Rotary Applicator

    The rotary applicator was specially developed for 360° greasing or oiling of holes.

  6. Shot valves

    Shot valves

    DOPAG shot valves are designed for an accurate and contactless application of lubricants in automated production processes.

  7. Spray Guns

    Spray Guns

    The spray gun is our solution to manual full-surface application of greases and oils.

  8. Spray valves

    Spray valves

    The DOPAG spray valve has been specially designed for the application of grease and oil over the entire surface. 

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